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The fixed telephony by VoIP


Sicres Telecom offers fixed telephone connections for juridical and private enterprises.

Imagine that you have just moved to your new office or home, which doesn’t have a telephone connection. Partners are not able to get a hold of you but your business can’t wait. You need what we have to offer! If you have an internet connection, we will install a telephone line for you with any number that you wish and no need for the city telephone circuit any more. If you don’t have an Internet connection we can install it for you.

Connect to Sicres Telecom and you will be able to receive a phone number from which you can dial to any local, national, international or mobile number. Leave it up to us to find that option that fits your profile best.

Our service is the latest that is to be offered in the arena of telecommunications. Its principle benefits are the low fares for all the types of phone calls you would want to make and no dependency on a local phone number with a local code of the area your office or home is located (i.e. when you move to a new location your number will remain that same).

Our Customers can also use the unimaginably convenient service of forwarding calls. They may install a multi-channel phone with an unlimited amount of numbers or connect several numbers to one telephone.

These solutions are based on the latest technological data transfer methods which present an endless variety of possibilities and benefits. Here’s to name but a few:

- Save up to 40 percent on local, national, international and mobile calls.
- Have the possibility to create internal corporative telephone lines as well as connections between the head office and its departments and/or agents with the possibility of offering local numbers.
- Centralized control of the corporate telephone network.

To connect to the Sicres network all you need is to have a dedicated internet line like for example ADSL and that’s it! You don’t need any computers or telephone sockets. In this way you will receive additional phone lines which can be connected to the office PBX.

Using the latest resources of telephony you can build your network just like with the components of a child’s building blocks. Our team of professionals at Sicres Telecom will then project your plan and build it with the most effective technical solution suited for you.

We will be glad to see you among our clients !
Sicres Telecom - we connect with success !
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