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What is the IP – telephony?

IP telephony is technology which is used in the Internet to transfer speech. During a conversation between two subscribers voice signals (words) are transformed into compressed packs of data. These packs of data are transferred through the Internet from one side to another and are decoded in original voice signals when they reach the addressee that is heard in the phone receiver.

IP-telephony has the following main advantages; it is cheap, reliable and simple in use. Other advantages are:

- High quality connection;
- Cost effectiveness of calls. A noticeable expense reduction when compared with the traditional telephony (up to 50 %);
- Mobility. IP - telephony is accessible from any place in the world where Internet is provided, at the same rates;
- High technology. In 2002 20 % of the world telephone conversations were accomplished by means of IP, in 2005 this volume rose up till 70 %!

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