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Trunk-Call Center

Sicres Telecom offers a tested Business solution in establishing a trunk-call center and provide local, international or long-distance calls. This highly profitable service breaks even your investment very fast and allows you make profits within a time span of only a few months.

We offer autonomous Trunk-call center within the Sicres Telecom network. This is a hardware-software complex for setting up a business of providing international and long-distance calls. Outgoing calls from such a trunk-call center are redirected through the Sicres Telecom network into the general telephone system and then to the number of the dialed subscriber. For more information about this please contact our office.

The Sicres Telecom network represents a gateways group, managed by unified computer system, providing communication between Internet and the telephone network.

Softwarehardware solution “Automatic trunk-call center” consists of:

- Workstation operator basic set consists of PC with software (monitor, keyboard, mouse and switch supplied separately)
- One 2-ports telephone adapter NSG-800/Gate-3502;
- Configuration, training and user manual;

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