Sicres Telecom - fixed network operator.
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Payment Options

One can pay the services of Sicres Telecom in any way that is convenient:

1. With payment receipt for private clients. One can pay for international IP-telephony services in any branch of the "Mobiasbanca". Click here to download the receipt. Fill in the receipt well in advance of payment. In the receipt please specify your Name, Surname, Patronymic (if so) and the number of your phone. The money will be transferred to your personal account as soon as they will appear at the account of Sicres Telecom.

2. Subscribers of fixed communication and international IP-telephony ("Credit" fare) can pay services of the company by transfers after receipt of the bill by mail within the time frame indicated.

3. Services of Sicres Telecom can be covered as well as the purchase of prepaid cards ALLOCA at the office of the company. We are easy to find: Chisinau, str.S. Lazo, 27.

We will be glad to see you among our clients !
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