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Corporative Customer

We offer efficient solutions for corporate clients. New technologies effectively raise your profit and ease up the use of internal and external communications in business. Whether establishing an internal network from zero or updating an existing one, we tailor our approach to the needs of each individual customer providing maximum efficiency today and in the future.

Whom do we recommend our services to first?

1) You encounter large bills for phone calls. Why?

With us you save up to 50 %.

2) You have just changed the address of your office or you move around a lot. Why?

Your phone number does not change when you move. Your Customers will always find you with no additional notification. During the move we redirect calls to either a mobile number or a fixed one.

3) There are many incoming calls. Why?

Order the multiple channel telephone service and no calls will be missed.

4) Companies with many branches all over town. Why?

You can economize when using our corporative network. Calls are charged at a special fare.

5) Companies that make a lot of long-distance and international calls. Why?

Economic tariffs allow you to decrease telecommunication charges considerably!

6) Companies that
don’t have enough fixed phone numbers.

"Sicres Telecom" allows you to have as many additional numbers as are needed.

7) You frequently place advertisements. Why?

We offer easy-to-remember numbers and the effect of your ads increase drastically.

"Sicres Telecom" is equal to high quality and low prices for local, national and International telephone connections.

Multi-channel Phone

This service is designed for companies which need additional phone numbers and lines because of the great amount of incoming calls. You can get a multi-channel number with any quantity of lines no matter what the location of the office is. The number remains with you even when you change your office, and no additional adjustments are needed. Calls between branches of the company are charged at a special favorable rate.

All you need to do is the following:

- To get a hold of us and place an installation order

To conclude the contract

- To pay for the connection

Our specialist will come to you and analyze the technical possibilities of your accommodation.

When the Office is Growing

What to do when the phone network in your office needs to expand? In the case of large companies the amount of employees increases, but your office PBX doesn’t support an increase of numbers? The standard solution for such a problem would be to replace the existing PBX to a larger one.

Option from Sicres Telecom for large Companies is the easiest and most convenient one is that the expenses of purchasing, installing and tuning of your network are covered by us. And for you not to endure the costs of setting up a new PBX to be another large burden for you. We suggest you to pay it off in stages and won’t take any percentage. Our experts will perform a detailed analysis of your needs and offer the most optimal solution for you, which will save you money and take care of your problems.

For smaller companies let’s presume that your budget doesn’t allow you to obtain a new PBX. Especially for you we offer a solution which incorporates a gradual increase of the capacity of your office phone network without significant costs.

How is this possible?

Well that’s very easy.

If you have an Internet connection, we can offer you two or more telephone numbers. The amount of numbers can be increased with the increase of the number of employees. There is another important advantage to such a broadening of the capacity of your phone network. Any subscriber can make international and long-distance calls through IP - telephony, which costs much cheaper. As the amount of telephones sets increases it becomes possible to switch all the in office phones to the Sicres Telecom network, or to keep a hybrid network version of the old automatic phone line.

Order this service

Answering machine service

This is something new on the market today. If you have a large number of incoming calls, your telephone number is constantly busy, you give advice over the phone, your operator spends additional time to explain a standard procedure, then you can order our answering machine service and all these problems disappear. We simply record a standard message that your clients will hear on our equipment into a box that is dedicated to you and so that more people can call in and the line is not engaged we make it multi channeled. If your clients will have additional questions even after listening to the answering machine, then it will courteously invite the listener to connect to the operator at a short extension number. Your clients will always be happy thanks to this service.

We will be glad to see you among our clients !
Sicres Telecom - we connect with success !
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