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International IP-Telephony

IP-telephony is a technology which is used on the Internet for the transfer of voice signals. Cost effectiveness, reliability, high speed of communication and simplicity are some of its advantages. The high tech of compressing voice signals and the full capacity of telephone networks are used here. It is so easy to use this type of communication that even the person who doesn’t know how to work a PC or the Internet can do it. Sicres Telecom allows one to make any of these kinds of connections with either a credit card or a prepaid card.

The credit contract

Offered to juridical entities. One may settle a contract that includes the telephone numbers from which phone calls will be made. The amount of numbers is unlimited. You have the convenience of dialing without an additional pin code (before the dialed digits 1605 is added) from the telephone number indicated in the contract. At the beginning of each month you receive the bill with taxes included in the mail. The bill is in Moldovan Leis with the equivalent in US Dollars at the rate of the National Bank of Moldova on the day of receiving it. The bill can be paid in the bank or at the office of Sicres Telecom and it “fills” up to the extent of payments made. To find out more about the tariff of credit contracts please read the section "Tariff"

The advance contract

This exists for juridical and individual entities. One can make a contract in accordance with which the phone numbers one will call from are indicated. The difference is that it is necessary for you to make an advance payment the minimal sum of which is 50 MDL. It’s necessary to make advanced payments for each phone number indicated in the contract. Your payments are made in US dollars at the rate of National Bank on the day of payment.

The advantage of this contract is that one receives an additional discount when compared with the credit contract and one also saves 10 %. Remember that there is "a zero point" in the advance contract meaning that when there is no money on the account, one can not call anymore. Therefore one has to follow the account and fill it up in time! It is possible to find out more about the tariff of the advance contract in the section "Tariff"

Instructions on how to place calls are specified in section "Customers care" - "How to call ?"

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